About us


Who we are

Dabwoods is the official brand producer and vendor of Dabwoods cartridges and Vapes. The dabwood collection started years ago and has flooded the Western and Eastern markets. The brand produces top quality vaping carts which are sold for at the most affordable prices on the market.

The Dabwoods carts collection comprises multiple cannabis flavors, each with its own variety and specificity. We offer the best customer service, so that your shopping experience with us remains memorable.

What we sell?

We sell our brands dabwoods vapes and carts in multiple flavors to suit all our clients. The Dabwoods official collection has many different quality cannabis strains we extract our oils from. Feel the taste and smell the aroma we offer to give you the feeling of smoking your cannabis strain. This has propel us in the American  and European market, to be a world class branded company.